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    Blow Molding Machine
    YX1200 Large hollow blow molding Machine
    TEL:0510-85990421 85990035
    ADD:No.48 Changkang Road, Mashan, Binhu District, Wuxi
    Contents brief introduction

    YX1200 Large hollow blow molding Machine

    YX1200 Large hollow blow molding Machine Applications
    Applications: suitable for machining a hollow container products the IBC neutral bulk containers, pallets, large-size vehicle fuel tanks and other high molecular weight high density polyethylene (HMWHDPE) as raw materials, the products the maximum volume of up to 1200L.Large hollow blow molding equipment generally consists of the framework, extruder, accumulator die head, clamping mechanism, mold, blowing expansion device, cooling system, security protective equipment, automatic feeding system, electrical control system, hydraulic control system, pneumatic control system and so on.

    IBC Barrel                                                                               Control panel

    Production drawing                                                                    Production drawing

    YX1200 Large hollow blow molding Machine Major technical parameters of the machine:
    (1)the maximum product capacity:<1200L;
    (2)the quantity of extruders:2;
    (3)screw motor power:132x2 Kw;
    (4)HDPE extrusion capacity:285x2=570 kg/h(300L*2=600L);
    (5)main hydraulic pump motor power:37Kw,4 level
    (6)servo-hydraulic pump motor power:7.5Kw;
    (7)clamping force:3000KN;
    (8)Open-clamping die stroke:650 x 2=1300mm;
    (9)moulding board size: 2300x1600mm(W x H);
    (10)the maximum mold size:1800x1400mm(w x h) the width includes a hydraulic cylinder (1000L)of the discharge port
    1800x1600mm(w x h)the width includes a hydraulic cylinder (1200L)of the discharge port;
    (11)feeding storage amount:60L HDPE=57kg;
    (12)material storage nose form: special molding nose;
    (13)die orifice size:external diameter 600,HDPE discharge diameter 520mm;
    (14)nose heating power:72Kw;
    (15)blowing pressure:0.8Mpa;
    (16)compressed air consumption:5m3/min;
    (17)cooling water pressure:0.4Mpa
    (18)cooling water consumption:350L/min
    (19)the main machine assembly mechanical and electrical capacity:560Kw(including supporting feeding machine and so on)

    YX1200 Large hollow blow molding Machine Characteristics of the equipment:
    Electrical control system
    Using Siemens PLC to control the action procedure system  
    Using 125-point axial wall thickness control system to achieve the stepless control of smooth curves
    Using AC speed regulation system, the product quality is stable, reliable, energy-saving
    The hydraulic system uses proportional servo control technology, and multiunit accumulators.
    The pneumatic control system uses unique blowing process to precisely control the air volume and air pressure.
    The flow channel of the die head has a simulation design (double helical flow channel structure) using computers and is made of high-qualified nitrided steel.
    Using hydraulic synchronous drive pawl clamping mechanism to avoid the insufficiency of the clamping locking force and the deficiency of the easy crack of the melt
    Using mechanical hand to realize the automatically safety and rapid removal of the product
    The extruder bench height is adjustable, the mold replacement is simple, to facilitate the customer to adjust the product specifications


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